Let's talk about hats

I'm Wolf Coleman, Spanish hat maker and musician with German roots based between Barcelona and Seville, Spain.

For many years I've beed interested in hats, how they can change completely somebody’s style adding character and uniqueness to it. A few years ago I was walking around the second hand shops in Barcelona and I found an old beaten hat, I took it completely apart and I got amazed about how beautifully made it was, the craftsmanship was calling me. That’s when I realized I wanted to be a hat maker.

Wolfman Hats Co. was born.

 Since then I've dug into the old fashion between the 20's and 60's, from classic hats, to western shapes and vintage denim caps studying every pattern and shape. Every creation is made of the best materials I can find around the world.


You can follow my work via Instagram (@wolfmanhats) or Facebook (@wolfmanhats)